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Hand-woven sheep wool products

Maintenance and FAQ –

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Wool has excellent properties which make it resistant to various impurities, and therefore the maintenance of wool products is very simple. Sheep wool is very resistant and durable, warm, breathable and antibacterial. Sheep wool products do not need to be washed frequently, they undergo a natural cleaning process.

We recommend washing only when necessary, as wool contains wool grease, which naturally repels dirt. Usually it is sufficient to beat the carpets and ventilate them in the air. Air humidity promotes the self-cleaning ability of the wool, therefore, it is advisable to place the wool product in a humid environment and then shake it out – this is the best way to remove dirt and dust residues.

In order to retain its properties, the wool must not be degreased, we recommend using a fine liquid detergent with lanolin. Lanolin is a by-product of sheep wool (complex waxy grease), used as a softener for detergents. It is ideal for the maintenance of our carpets.

Do not use washing powders containing enzymes, bleaching agents or alkaline products! Do not use fabric softener!

It is best not to soak the whole carpet, but only to shampoo it by hand. This means preparing foam from a detergent containing lanolin and cleaning with a sponge.

When washing in an automatic washing machine, select a program for wool and fine hand washing at 20-30 °C without spinning during washing. After washing, just drain the water out of the washing machine and do not spin. When drying, unfold the carpet and let it dry. Do not dry the product near a heater or in direct sunlight.

The product must not be wrung out or dried in a dryer, otherwise, the wool will shrink and harden into felt!

The carpets can also be dry cleaned at a professional dry cleaning shop.

You can download the maintenance instruction here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I need a carpet with a width of 80 cm, can you make it?

Answer: No, a carpet with this width cannot be made. We make carpets with a width of 50 cm and 100 cm, this restriction is due to the production technology and design of the loom. We can produce wide carpets (e.g., 200 cm, 300 cm or more) which are sewn from several parts with a width of 100 cm together.

Question: I ordered a carpet from your e-shop and I would like to return it within the legal period of 14 days.

Answer: Products from our e-shop cannot be returned within 14 days (Section 1829 of Act No. 89/2012 Coll., the Civil Code), because they are products that were customized according to the customer’s wishes and were produced for a specific person (Section 1837 letter d, Act No. 89/2012 Coll., the Civil Code). Therefore, always consider everything carefully in advance before making an order via our e-shop. This does not affect the quality guarantee or liability for defects.

Question: Can the carpet be fringed on all sides?

Answer: No, the carpet can only have a fringe on the wide side (on one side or on both), the carpet cannot be fringed along the long sides.